Time for 2017 (Even Though It's Already March)

Well, it has most certainly been a while since the last time I put some words down in relation to how my triathlon career is progressing. My last post, whilst upbeat, was honestly a hard one to accept. An injury is never fun and no matter how positive you may stay on the exterior, it is always on the back of your mind. Since my “stressie” though there have been a few changes and honestly I am truly proud of how I have bounced back.

In August last year, I decided a change of coach was needed in order to try some new things and move away from the way I had been doing things. It’s quite intriguing how quickly your view of the type of training that “works for you” can change. I was always seemingly a proponent of “more is more” and undoubtedly I love this type of high volume training which still has its place at times, however, after starting with Grant Giles at Aeromax, I have come to realise that doing it all the time is not necessarily what is best for me and for my performance. Over the last 6 months with Grant, I have improved throughout all three disciplines despite being on a very limited run load due to being very cautious in the come back from injury. I am thoroughly enjoying the training that I am doing under Grant and the results have already begun to reflect this. At the end of last year I was able to finish off with a 3rd at Challenge Shepparton and a 6th at Taupo 70.3 before starting this year with a 1st at Nagambie Sufferfest and a 4th at Huskisson Long Course (very narrowly missing the bike course record). To be in the money in my past four races has been a big confidence boost and it has been great to see my bike riding fast becoming a real weapon in my arsenal. Instead of heading into races telling myself who WILL beat me, I now head into races thinking that I can take it to everyone in the field. Since Husky Long Course in February, Grant has really allowed me to tuck into some solid running for the first time and I’m excited to try and show the big increase in form that I have had when I line up at Challenge Melbourne on April 9th. It is going to be a stacked field and some fast, hard racing but I am truly ready to put it on the line and take it up to everyone there to the best of my ability.

A race plan for the next 6 months has now been set in place and I’m truly enthusiastic about going to races that I want to do and that I believe suit my strengths. Therefore, my race schedule for the near future is as follows;

-          Challenge Melbourne – April 9th

-          Vietnam 70.3 – May 7th

-          Noumea International Tri – May 14th

-          Staffordshire 70.3 – June 18th

-          Edinburgh 70.3 – July 2nd

-          Challenge Iceland – July 23rd

-          Ironman Wales – September 10th

-          Various Sufferfest Races post September

This schedule will see me heading over to the UK for June before basing myself in Girona, Spain for July and August to prepare for one of the toughest Ironman courses around in Ironman Wales.

2017 also brings with it a fantastic group of core sponsors who I am extremely grateful to for supporting me. Jaggad, my longest sponsor, will continue to support me through 2017 and their continued support makes a huge difference. I have also been able to secure the support of two new sponsors in Dimond Bikes and Zone3 Wetsuits. Having ridden the Dimond now for a couple of weeks, I am confident it is FAST! Whilst it is easy to simply write things and not substantiate them in anyway, I hope that I can do so through how I ride over the next 12 months. If you see me around training and you want to see for yourself, say hello and I’m more than happy for you to jump on and have a spin (given we are of similar size of course!) to see for yourself. Zone3 Australia have also decided to back me this year and hopefully into the future and I am passionate about making all of these guys proud and confident that they have made the right decision.

None of what I do would ever be possible without the support of my girlfriend, family and friends. My support network is second to none and 2017 is about proving to them that I am a true professional and start to make my goals a reality.

Till next time,