Saddling up for 2018


There’s something about preparing at home. Routine, family and friends, familiar training routes, plenty of training partners, always something to do and knowing where all the facilities are to cater for any occasion. When you throw in summer weather and your own bed, it doesn’t get any more conducive to getting fit and loving training.


After a tough summer of racing and training over in Europe followed by a tough day riding an O Bike in Challenge Iskander Puteri and a solid 5th at Challenge Shepparton, I pushed the year one race too long with Western Sydney 70.3 in late November. Going into a championship calibre field not at the top of your game makes for a long day, however it was a good lesson in never giving up as in the end, due to a DQ, I was unknowingly in a sprint finish for 10th ($1000) and can honestly say I gave up as I thought it was for 11th and no prize money. I am more than willing to say that I am disappointed that my motivation slipped to simply money, albeit a small amount, and this was very representative of the fact that my motivation to race simply to achieve the best out of my body on the day, as I usually do, was not there. Anyway, onto what’s up ahead...

Since December I’ve had my head down and have been slowly ticking away at putting together a consistent block of training leading into a big 11-week race schedule whilst also continuing with university study and also a small amount of work experience at Six Park (a robo-advice company founded by Pat Garrett, a former triathlete and all around great bloke). This, coupled with many adventures with my girlfriend Kaiting, has provided me with a great balance between everything and I’ve learnt that having more than just training is extremely important for me as an individual to stay stimulated. Without doubt, this is a different kettle of fish for each individual and there is no right or wrong, but for myself it is what I have found works best.

In terms of my upcoming race schedule, the plan until May is as follows:

-          Geelong 70.3 – Feb 18th

-          Ironman New Zealand – March 3rd

-          Challenge Melbourne – April 22nd

-          Ironman Port Macquarie – May 6th

Potentially I’d like to throw in the Tour of Mansfield (cycling) on March 17th/18th as well but we will see.

Thank you for reading and I hope to keep you all updated as the season progresses. If you have any questions or would like to follow along give my social media channels a follow for updates on my training leading into races!